Coins of Time is located in Palm Beach, Florida. We offer unique high quality ancient coin jewelry that is designed to European standards. We extend a guarantee of authenticity on every item we sell.

We offer several options to our customers. You can choose an item from our selection, you can request that a ring be made in a certain ring size with a particuliar emperor, or you can supply us with one of your own favorite coins and we will make a ring for you. If you have any questions, please email me at


At various times of the year, we have availaible a selection of coins set in gold pendants. These fashionable items can often be purchased with gold chains of various styles and lengths. If you are interested in having a pendant custom-made please email me at

Coin of Emperor Gordion III in Gold Pendant

Roman Emperor Rings

Coin of Emperor Nero in Gold Ring

Here are a couple of examples of our beautifully customized silver and gold rings with genuine ancient coins. Our rings feature the great figures of history: Marc Antony, Tiberius, Nero, Trajan, Constantine the Great, and others. If you are seeking something unique and memorable then view our current selection here.

Coin of Emperor Tiberius in Silver Ring

Articles on Ancient Coins

ConstantineImage There are several articles on this website on the ancient coins of some famous figures of history: Alexander the Great, Herod the Great, Pontius Pilate, and Constantine the Great to list just a few. The articles give a brief history of the figures and some pertinent facts about the coinage that was issued under their rule. Articles

Coins of the Ancient World

AlexanderWe offer a variety of ancient coins from Greece, Rome and the Holyland. Our coins come mostly from auctions and private collections. Many coins make cherished gifts as most people have never physically seen an ancient coin let alone owned one. Click here for selection.