Roman Coin Ring of Constantine the Great

Date: 326-328 A.D
Mint: Siscia
Obverse. Inscription: CONSTANTINVUS AVG
Reference: RSC VII  153
Grade: Very Fine
Weight: 15.03 grams - total weight includes ring and coin
Description: Obverse: Laureate head of Constantine the Great.
Reverse: Campgate with two turrets and star

Size 10. This ring can be worn on any of the three fingers of your right hand. Please check your finger size before purchasing this ring. You may email me with

This ancient Roman bronze coin is set in a modern silver ring. It is a beautiful European hand crafted ring which is only available from Coins of Time. It is engraved with the Roman insignia S.P.Q.R which stood for Senatus Populusque Romanus (“The Senate and the People of Rome”). We will provide a certificate of authenicity with the coin ring outlining our guarantee and detailing the specifics of the coin


History: Christianity would never have attained it status as the dominant religion of western civilization had it not been for the reign of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great (306-337 AD). He was truly one of the most extraordinary figures of history. Constantine made bold decisions that set the course of history and catastrophic decisions that imperiled his own family and his future Empire. While the Rome was slowly dying, he gave birth to a new Roman Empire of the East by founding Constantinople. Here he sowed the seeds of the Byzantine Empire. He adopted Christianity as the state religion , a dramatic change for  Rome which had persecuted Christians for 300 years