Roman Coin Ring of Emperor Severus Alexander

Date: 231-235 A.D
Mint: Rome
Obverse. Inscription: IMP ALEXANDER PIUS AVG
Reverse. Inscription: PROVIDENTIAN AVG
Reference: RIC 252
Description Obverse: Laureate head of Roman Emperor Severus Alexander.
Reverse: Providentia standing over modis.

Size 9.5. This ancient Roman silver coin is set in a modern silver ring. It is a beautiful European hand crafted ring which is only available from Coins of Time. It is engraved with the Roman insignia S.P.Q.R which stood for Senatus Populusque Romanus (“The Senate and the People of Rome”). We will provide a certificate of authenicity with the coin ring outlining our guarantee and detailing the specifics of the coin.


History : Severus Alexander ruled between 231-235 AD. He died while on campaign against the Parthians in the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire.